Broom Center Seminars (2014-2015)

2014/15 Schedule

All Seminars are on Mondays, from 1:00 - 3:00 pm, in North Hall 2111
(The Thormahlen Family Seminar Room).
All are welcome.


Monday October 6: Aaron Blackwell (UC Santa Barbara, Anthropology) "Effects of Parasitism on Fecundity and Life History in Human Females" Host: Shelly Lundberg

Monday October 20: Gillian Ice (Ohio, Biological Anthropology and Gerontology) "On the balance ofcaregiving in the context of HIV: burden, benefit or neither?" Host: Mike Gurven

Monday November 3: James Smith (Rand, Labor Markets and Demographic Studies) "Acquiring Human Capital through the Generations by Migration" Host: Shelly Lundberg

Monday November 10: Adrian Raftery (University of Washington, Statistics and Sociology) "Probabilistic Population Projections for All Countries"  Hosts: Shelly Lundberg and Stuart Sweeney

Monday November 17:  Lori Hunter (University of Colorado at Boulder, Sociology) "Migration-Environment Connections:  Evidence from South Africa and Mexico" Host: David Lopez-Carr

Monday December 8:  Pascaline Dupas (Stanford, Economics) "Effectively Targeting Health Subsidies in sub-Saharan Africa: Evidence on Take-up and Delivery" Host: Kelly Bedard

Notes:  Oct 13 and Oct 27 are tentatively scheduled internal talks

Tuesday Nov 11 is a university holiday.

Thanksgiving is Thurs Nov 27. 


Monday January 12:  Edward Telles (Princeton, Sociology) "Alternative Measures of Race and Educational Inequality in Eight Latin American Countries" Host: Maria Charles

Wednesday January 21:  David Lawson (London School of Hygiene and Tropical Medicine) "Is Polygyny a 'Harmful Cultural Practice' Marriage, Ethnicity, and Child Health in Northern Tanzania." Host: MikeGurven  NOTE: Location is 2001A HSSB at 3:00pm

Monday January 26:  Corinne Low (Wharton School, Penn, Business Economics and Public Policy) "Pricing the Biological Clock: Reproductive Capital on the US Marriage Market." Host: Peter Kuhn

Monday February 9:  Steven Ruggles (University of Minnesota, History) "Marriage, Family Systems, and Economic Opportunity in the United States since 1850."  Host: Stuart Sweeney

Monday, February 23:  Luis Rosero-Bixby (UC Berkeley, Demography) "The exceptionally high longevity in the region of Nicoya, Costa Rica" Host: David Lopez-Carr

Monday, March 9: Jerry Jacobs (University of Pennsylvania, Sociology) "American's Views on the Employment of Mothers and Fathers: Lessons from a National Vignette Survey" Host: Maria Charles

Notes: Mon Jan 19 and Mon Feb 16 are university holidays.


Monday April 6:  Maya Rossin-Slater (UC Santa Barbara, Economics) "Family Ruptures, Stress, and the Mental Health of the Next Generation"

Monday April 20:  Cedric Puleston (UC Davis, Anthropology) "Feast, Famine and Feast Again: The Effects of Taxation and Food Storage on an Agrarian Population Under Malthusian Constraints" Host: Mike Gurven

Monday May 4:  Broom Center Annual Research Workshop

Monday May 18:  Lindsay Chase-Lansdale (Northwestern University, Human Development and Social Policy) "Two-Generation Programs in the 21st Century" Host: Shelly Lundberg

Monday June 1:  Melissa Emery Thompson (University of New Mexico, Anthropology) "On Less Fertile Ground: Chimpanzee Life Histories in Context"  Host: Michael Gurven

Notes: Mon May 25 is a university holiday.