2016/17 Schedule

All Seminars are on Mondays, from 1:00 - 2:15 pm, in North Hall 2111. A reception with light refreshments follows the talk at 2:15.
(The Thormahlen Family Seminar Room).
All are welcome.


Monday September 26: Wouter Botzen (VU Amsterdam) "Protecting Against Flood Disasters: Why Insurance and Risk Mitigation Are Complements"

Monday October 10: Siwei Cheng (NYU, Sociology) "Cohort Shifts in the Structure of Life-cycle Inequality: Methods, Findings, and Perspectives." Host: Sarah Th├ębaud

Monday October 24: Joshua Goldstein  (UC Berkeley, Department of Demography)  “Naming the Precious Child: Quantity-Quality Tradeoffs Before, During and After the Demographic Transition." Host: Shelly Lundberg

Monday November 7: Dustin Duncan  (NYU School of Medicine, Department of Population Health) "Spatial Epidemiology of LGBT Health Disparities: Methods and Challenges." Host: Stuart Sweeney

Background paper 1
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Monday November 21: David Lawson (UC Santa Barbara, Anthropology) “Child Brides in Tanzania: International Development, Anthropology and ‘Saving Children’.”

Friday Nov 11 is a university holiday.
Thanksgiving is Thurs Nov 24. 


Monday January 9: Doug Massey (Princeton, Sociology) "America's Immigration Policy Fiasco" Host: Edward Telles

Monday January 23: David Brady (UC Riverside, Public Policy and Sociology) "Race, Childhood Economic Resources and Life Chances in Adulthood in the U.S." Host: Maria Charles

Monday February 6: Brenda Major (UC Santa Barbara, Psychology) "The Threat of Increasing Diversity: Why Many Whites Supported Trump in the 2016 Presidential Election"

Monday February 27: Dan Lichter (Cornell University, Human Ecology and Sociology) “Toward a New Macro-Segregation? Ethnoracial Diversity and Changing U.S. Settlement Patterns” Host: Alan Murray

Monday, March 20: Amy Non (UC San Diego, Anthropology) "Epigenetic Embodiment of Early Life Adversity as a Mechanism for Perpetuating Health Disparities" Host: Mike Gurven

Notes: Mon Jan 16 and Mon Feb 20 are university holidays.


Monday April 10: Craig Hadley (Emory, Anthropology) "Testing Competing Models of the Relationship Between Body Shape & Human Health in a Global Sample of Women and Children." Host: Mike Gurven

Monday April 17: Martha Bailey (University of Michigan, Economics) "Prep School for Poor Kids: The Long-Term Effects of Head Start on Adult Outcomes" (Joint work with Sun Shuqiao) Host: Heather Royer

Monday May 8: Myron Gutman (University of Colorado, History) "Moving West: who moved to California in the 1930s, where they came from, and why we think they moved” Host: Shelly Lundberg

Monday May 22: Narayani Lasala-Blanco (UC Santa Barbara, Political Science) "Where There’s a Will There isn't Always a Way: The Impact of Local Institutions on Immigrant Political Participation" 

Monday, June 5: Erika Arenas (UC Santa Barbara, Sociology)  "Remittance Sending and the Mental Health of Mexican Immigrants in the United States"

Notes: Friday March 31 and Monday May 29 are university holidays.