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Amy Boddy

University of California, Santa Barbara
Assistant Professor

Amy M. Boddy is a human biologist and evolutionary theorist in the Department of Anthropology. Her work uses applications from evolution and ecology to understand human health and disease. She uses a combination of genomics, computational biology and evolutionary theory to understand life history trade-offs between survival and reproduction across different levels of biological organization. One component of her research program examines how environmental cues, such as high extrinsic mortality, may guide resource allocations to cancer defenses and reproduction. Current cancer research topics include comparative oncology, intragenomic conflict, cellular life history trade-offs, and early life adversity and cancer outcomes later in life. In addition to her cancer research, she studies maternal/fetal conflict theory and the consequences of fetal microchimeric cells in maternal health and disease. 

Grant, Awards and Distinctions:

National Institutes of Health/National Cancer Institute (U54). Arizona Cancer Evolution Center. Applying models of evolution to cancer across scales, from species down to cells. $7,500,000 total direct. Boddy is Co-Leader Project 1. $263,024 total directs to UCSB. 2018-2023. 

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