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Bridget Harr

Department of Sociology
University of California, Santa Barbara
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Graduate Student Fellow

I am a doctoral candidate in the Department of Sociology at UC Santa Barbara, with doctoral emphases in Black Studies and Feminist Studies.  I have an MA in Sociology from UCSB and a BA in African American Studies and Sociology from Bates College.  My areas of interest include culture and knowledge, inequality and intersectionality, and science and technology studies. 

My dissertation research examines how race and racial difference are constructed in science and medicine, by studying how popular and medical understandings of race and disease change across social, political, and historical contexts.  Focusing on the processes of recognition and rejection of biomedical knowledge, I seek to elaborate the relationship between formal and lay explanations of health inequalities.  I am pursuing this topic through a discursive and demographic analysis of reproductive, environmental, and emotional justice movements that seek to address and redress racial inequality, in part by critiquing the study of race in science and medicine.  By studying these movements, I hope to gain insight into how members of the public participate in the construction and contestation of scientific and medical knowledge, including how they affect the scientific process and the production and regulation of biomedical technologies. 

I was recently selected to be a Graduate Fellow at the National Science Foundation’s Center for Nanotechnology in Society at UCSB.  There my work will focus on public perceptions of the risks and benefits of nanotechnology, and how these perceptions vary by race, class, and gender.

Grants, Awards and Distinctions:

Bridget has been awarded a Broom Research and Travel Grant.

Bridget had also been selected as a Social Science Graduate Fellow at UCSB's Center for Nanotechnology in Society.

Contributor to Broom Center Theme(s): 
Contributor to Broom Center Theme(s): 
Broom Center Publications
Charles, Maria, Bridget Harr, Erin Cech and Alexandra Hendley. 2014. 
"Who Likes Math Where? "
Gender Differences in Eighth-graders’ Attitudes around the World. International Studies in Sociology of Education 24:85-112.