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Maya Rossin-Slater

University of California, Santa Barbara
Assistant Professor

Maya Rossin-Slater is an Assistant Professor of Economics at the University of California, Santa Barbara. She received her Ph.D. in Economics from Columbia University in 2013. Rossin-Slater’s research includes work in health, public, and gender economics. She focuses on issues in maternal and child well-being, as well as family structure and behavior, and draws implications for addressing the needs of disadvantaged populations in the United States. In several recent papers, she has studied how unmarried parents navigate their legal relationship contract options, the causal effects of unpaid maternity leave on infant health, and the consequences of living in proximity to Special Supplemental Nutrition Program for Women, Infants, and Children (WIC) clinics on benefit take-up, pregnancy behaviors, and birth outcomes. Ongoing work uses administrative data from unemployment insurance records to examine the long-run consequences of early-childhood environmental and economic shocks. 

Grants, Awards and Distinctions:

California Employment Development Department (EDD) Research Grant (Agreement #M6102380). 2016. “The Economic and Social Impacts of Paid Family Leave in California.” Co-PI, with Kelly Bedard. $149,471.

National Science Foundation. 2015-2018. "Early Childhood Environment and Adult Labor Market Outcomes: Evidence from U.S. Administrative Data". Co-PI, with Reed Walker. $453,336.

Hellman Family Faculty Fellowship, 2015-2016. "Joint Custody and Family Outcomes". $24,318.

Pearl Chase Grant for Local Community Development, Conservation, or Historic Preservation Research Projects. 2015-2016. “Lessons on Cost Containment from California’s WIC Vendor Market.” Co-PI, with Kelly Bedard and Heather Royer. $7,200.

UC Santa Barbara Faculty Research Grant. 2015. Joint Custody and Family Outcomes. $5,000.

The Danish Council for Independent Research, Social Sciences. 2014-2016. Research Grant. "Complementarities in Investments and Long-Run Returns: Evidence from Historical Records and Administrative Data," Collaborator, with Miriam Wüst (PI),Torben Heien Nielsen, and Peter Dam. $298,000 (1,640,572 DKK)

Department of Labor Grant. 2014-2016. "Special Analyses on the Effects of Paid Leave Policies" (Contract No. DOL-OPS-14-C-0003), Sub-contract from L&M Policy Research: $77,050. Co-PI, with Ann Bartel, Charles Baum, Jane Waldfogel (PI), and Christopher Ruhm.

UC Santa Barbara Regents. 2014. Junior Faculty Fellowship. $7,500. 

Contributor to Broom Center Theme(s): 
Contributor to Broom Center Theme(s): 
Contributor to Broom Center Theme(s): 
Broom Center Publications
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