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Ryo Kambayashi

Japanese and Asian Economics
Institute of Economic Research
Associate Professor

Empirial Investigation on Labor Market Intermidiaries

Since we found the importance of frictional unemployment, tons of labor market investigations on the friction have been launched.  These investigations generally focus on the economic mechanism of supply side i.e. behavior of jobseekers, while the demand side behavior i.e. vacancy behavior and the role of market intermidiaries has not been fully examined. One difficulty of the research is on the scarcity of data.  In this research, we contact to the private employment agency to create a new dataset to capture the whole process of labor market matching.  This meeting at UCSB is to design the request to the company so that we can identify the causality of labor market intermidiaries.  Since the original data source is highly complicated, face-to-face communication is much efficient.

Visiting Date/s: 
Thursday, February 5, 2015 - Friday, February 6, 2015