broom center seminar series

2018/19 Schedule

All Seminars are on Mondays, from 1:00 - 2:15 pm, in North Hall 2111 (The Thormahlen Family Seminar Room).
A reception with light refreshments follows the talk at 2:15. All are welcome.


Monday, October 8: Florencia Torche (Stanford, Sociology) “Early disadvantage: The unequal effect of prenatal stress on children’s cognitive and educational outcome.” Host: Edward Telles

Monday, October 22: Solomon Hsiang (UC Berkeley, Public Policy) "Global mortality consequences of climate change accounting for adaptation costs and benefits." Host: Olivier Deschenes

Monday, November 5: Dylan Connor (Arizona State University, Geography) "Stability and change in the land of opportunity: Geography and intergenerational mobility over the twentieth century." Host: Stuart Sweeney

Monday, November 19: Jamie Goodwin-White (UC Los Angeles, Geography) “Go West, Young Woman?”: The Geography of the Gender Wage Gap through the Great Recession. Host: Susie Cassels

Monday, December 3: Yu Xie (Princeton University, Sociology) "Trends in Social Inequality in Post-Revolution China." Host: Maria Charles


Monday Nov 12 is a university holiday.

Thanksgiving is Thurs Nov 22. 


Monday, January 14: Barbara Wolfe (University of Wisconsin, Economics) "The Influence of Poverty on Children's Brains." Host: Heather Royer

Monday, January 28: Jacqueline Torres (UC San Francisco, Epidemiology & Biostatistics) "Adult child migration status and cognitive decline among older parents in Mexico." Host: Erika Arenas

Monday, February 11: Tom Evans (University of Arizona, Geography) "Influence of population growth vs. climate change perceptions on water governance in Sub-Saharan Africa."
Host: Stuart Sweeney

Monday, March 11: Michael Emch (University of North Carolina, Geography and Epidemiology) "Incorporating geographic context into intervention evaluation: cholera and malaria vaccine trials." Host: Stuart Sweeney

Monday, March 18: Nathan Nunn (Harvard, Economics) "Social Structure and Conflict: Evidence from Sub-Saharan Africa." Host: Mike Gurven

Notes: Mon Jan 21 and Mon Feb 18 are university holidays.


Monday, April 8: Erika Arenas (UC Santa Barbara, Sociology) "Impact and Mechanisms of Health Insurance on Adult Mortality: Evidence of Seguro Popular in Mexico."

Monday, April 22: Sharon DeWitte (University of South Carolina, Anthropology) "Sex, Stress, and Death: Health and Survival in the Context of Medieval Famine and Plague." Host: Mike Gurven

Monday, May 6: Ken Smith (University of Utah, Family and Consumer Studies) "Fertility from Fifteen to Fifty: How Reproduction Affects Adult Sex - and Cause-Specific Mortality." Host: Amy Boddy

Monday, May 20: Youngjoo Cha (Indiana University, Sociology) "Is the Gender Wage Gap Really a Family Wage Gap in Disguise?" Host: Sarah Th├ębaud  

Monday, June 3: Andrew Goodman-Bacon (Vanderbilt University, Economics) "Changes in Family Structure and Welfare Participation Since the 1960s: The Role of Legal Services." Host: Heather Royer

NotesFriday March 29 and Monday May 27 are university holidays.

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