broom center seminar series

2016/17 Schedule

All Seminars are on Mondays, from 1:00 - 2:15 pm, in North Hall 2111. A reception with light refreshments follows the talk at 2:15.

(The Thormahlen Family Seminar Room).
All are welcome.


Monday September 26: Wouter Botzen (VU Amsterdam) "Protecting Against Flood Disasters: Why Insurance and Risk Mitigation Are Complements"

Monday October 10: Siwei Cheng (NYU, Sociology) "Cohort Shifts in the Structure of Life-cycle Inequality: Methods, Findings, and Perspectives." Host: Sarah Th├ębaud

Monday October 24: Joshua Goldstein  (UC Berkeley, Department of Demography)  “Naming the Precious Child: Quantity-Quality Tradeoffs Before, During and After the Demographic Transition." Host: Shelly Lundberg

Monday November 7: Dustin Duncan  (NYU School of Medicine, Department of Population Health) "Spatial Epidemiology of LGBT Health Disparities: Methods and Challenges." Host: Stuart Sweeney
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Monday November 21: David Lawson (UC Santa Barbara, Anthropology) “Child Brides in Tanzania: International Development, Anthropology and ‘Saving Children’.”


Friday Nov 11 is a university holiday.

Thanksgiving is Thurs Nov 24. 


Monday January 9: Doug Massey (Princeton, Sociology) "America's Immigration Policy Fiasco" Host: Edward Telles

Monday January 23: David Brady (UC Riverside, Public Policy and Sociology) "Race, Childhood Economic Resources and Life Chances in Adulthood in the U.S." Host: Maria Charles

Monday February 6: Brenda Major (UC Santa Barbara, Psychology) "The Threat of Increasing Diversity: Why Many Whites Supported Trump in the 2016 Presidential Election"

Monday February 27: Dan Lichter (Cornell University, Human Ecology and Sociology) “Toward a New Macro-Segregation? Ethnoracial Diversity and Changing U.S. Settlement Patterns” Host: Alan Murray

Monday, March 20: Amy Non (UC San Diego, Anthropology) "Epigenetic Embodiment of Early Life Adversity as a Mechanism for Perpetuating Health Disparities" Host: Mike Gurven

Notes: Mon Jan 16 and Mon Feb 20 are university holidays.


Monday April 10: Craig Hadley (Emory, Anthropology) Host: Mike Gurven

Monday April 17: Martha Bailey (University of Michigan, Economics) Host: Heather Royer

Monday May 8: Myron Gutman (University of Colorado, History) Host: Shelly Lundberg

Monday May 22:  May Sudhinaraset (UC San Francisco, Epidemiology and Biostatistics) Host: David Lopez-Carr 

Monday, June 5: Rachel Kimbro (Rice University, Sociology) Host: Susie Cassels

Notes: Friday March 31 and Monday May 29 are university holidays.

Broom Lab Lunch schedule.  The lab lunch is an informal monthly gathering, where Broom Graduate Associates give summaries of their research and receive peer and faculty feedback.  

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