Maria Charles Sociology professor

Maria Charles

University of California, Santa Barbara
Professor and Director
Broom Center Affiliation(s): 

Director of the Broom Demography Center since 2016
Area Director, Sex and Gender Theme

Over the past two decades, Maria Charles has published dozens of papers on the subject of sex segregation by occupation and by field of study. Much of her research brings a cross-national perspective to the study of these issues, and her work has been supported by research grants from the National Science Foundation, Russell Sage Foundation and Spencer Foundation. Prof. Charles’s broader interests are in the role of gender and sexuality in a wide array of social and institutional locations, including labor markets, political systems, social movement organizations, educational systems, firms, racial/ethnic and religious groups, cultural organizations, communities, nation-states, and international organizations.

Contributor to Broom Center Theme(s): 
Contributor to Broom Center Theme(s): 
Contributor to Broom Center Theme(s): 
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