broom graduate lab lunch talks

All meetings are from 1:00-3:00pm
North Hall, room 2111
(Thormahlen Family Seminar Room)


SPRING 2018:

Monday, June 4
Yan Ling Anne Wong (Sociology) "Diverse Entryways: How Young Men and Women from China, India, and the United States Make the Decision to Enter Computer Science"

WINTER 2018:

Monday, January 29
Natasha Krell (Geography) "Gender differences in access/use of mobile phones, agricultural management, and engagement in farmer cooperatives in central Kenya"

Raziel Davison (Postdoctoral Scholar, Anthropology) "Evolutionary retrospectives on the human life history trajectory: lessons from small-scale societies and chimpanzees" 

FALL 2017:

Monday, November 6
Maximillian Stiefel (Geography) "Stress Impacts on Health in Urban Environments"

SPRING 2017:

Monday, April 24
Jacky Banks (Geography) "The Role of Men’s and Women’s Agency in Fertility in Dakar, Senegal."

Monday, May 15

Devin Cornell (Sociology) "Relational Approaches to Understanding Political Ideology"

FALL 2016:

Monday, October17
Conor Carney (Economics) "Agricultural Productivity and Deforestation: Evidence from Input Subsidies and Ethnic Favoritism in Malawi."

Monday, November 14
Cascade Tuholske (Geography) "Linking Rapid Population and Tourism Growth with Thirty Years of Land Use-Cover Change in Roatan, Honduras."


SPRING 2015:

Monday April 27
Jenna Stearns (Economics) "Long-Run Effects of Maternity Leave: Evidence from Great Britain"
Anne Pisor (Anthropology) "Strategic affiliation with out-groups in lowland Bolivian horticulturalists: The role of present and past resource shortfalls."

Monday May 11
Melanie Martin (Anthropology) “Are shorter exclusive breastfeeding durations among Tsimane Amerindians associated with maternal reproductive fitness and energetic trade-offs?”
Jessica Marter-Kenyon (Geography) "Population Resettlement in an Era of Global Environmental Change: A Preliminary Analysis of Rwanda's National Imidigudu Policy"

WINTER 2015:

Monday February 2
Corey White (Economics) "Catching a Cold:  The Dynamic Relationship between Temperature and Health"
Angela Garcia (Anthropology) "Relativity of poverty: the signature of an individual's reference group on stress and health outcomes on the island of Utila, Honduras.

Monday March 2 Methods lecture
Olivier Deschenes (Economics) "Distinguishing causation from correlation using Regression, Matching, and Difference-in-Difference Methods"

FALL 2014:

Monday October 13  Methods lecture
Olivier Deschenes (Economics) “Distinguishing causation from correlation using natural experiments and instrumental variables”

Monday October 27  Methods lecture:  
Heather Royer (Economics) “Distinguishing causation from correlation using regression discontinuity designs” CANCELLED

Monday December 1
Megan Costa (U Penn, Demography, visiting Broom) “No Casualties of the Fertility Transistion? Child Growth Consequences for Birth Orders Exceeding Ideal Family Size in a High Fertility Population”
Vedant Koppera (Economics) “Has the Intergenerational Transmission of Education Risen in the U.S.?”


WINTER 2014:

Monday February 3
Lisa McAllister (Anthropology) “The Effects of Adolescent Reproduction and Maternal and Infant Growth”

Monday March 3
Kevin Mwenda (Geography) “Quantifying Spatial Uncertainty in Disaggregated Population Datasets”

Adam Wright (Economics) “For-Profit Colleges and Federal Student Aid Manipulation”  


FALL 2013:

Monday October 14
Ben Trumble (Anthropology) “Collecting and Interpreting Biomarker Data: An Introduction for Social Scientists"